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by Doug Tielli

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Water Falls 05:34
Oh water falls in a dream What a dream it is water falls I stand naked and weep The ground is wet with joy My shoulders are pounded red then white then red Oh I am free like a waterfall To feel everything that I feel Free like a waterfall I am falling yet still I fall Memories of my happy stream Never stop their sweet mournful song And the future never comes to me Just this Just this Just this thundering roar
Milo 02:25
Hey Milo, I used to sing to you every day Though maybe not so specifically I used to sing "Hey Sunlit Cloud, hey Rainy Day Hey ragged Mamma of my sea sick dreams" Hey Milo, do you still remember me? My voice has changed, but my heart is still the same It's all our hearts, it's all our hearts The lover's and the killer's heart The wise one and the one who fell apart
Oak 09:41
Like an oak in the atmosphere What I thought I had I never had to fear It was a dream in another's sleep From what I'm free I'll never ever know And I never would have found it without the help of a friend And I never would have found it without the sound of the wind We are siblings of the new found star Just a pinhole on an endless page of a book that doesn't have a start or end Just one raindrop from a vast cloud In a sky that stretches sky to sky The light that passes through that hole Holds the light of all of our joy The water in that single raindrop Holds the depth of all the tears we have cried Songs of sorrow in throats of laughter A holy oak in the atmosphere And I never would have found it without the help of a friend And I never would have found it without the sound of the wind We are siblings of the new found star
The big man has come up from the underbrush and given off a smell His wristwatch counts hours by infinities and the dog sniffs curiously Somewhere Fortune screams, "I have lost my way", and the Cosmos chimes "Good riddance" The fig trees swell with such a juiciness, women gather round and blush I will not say what cannot be said Oh shoot, I've gone and said it And if it was God who heard we could not be sure, could just as well been the devil For round his head grew the slippery elm and his fingernails spiralled like seashells His eyes clouded up with a thick white fog that billowed out of the sockets If I do believe what I believe I see, Earth's garden has gone berserk Saturn's rings spinning round my ears and the moon shining in my throat The big man of the underbrush whose broad chest I had admired All whimsied flora'd and fauna'd and shot out straight through mystery's wondrous ass
Arima, arima, arima, arima No solitude, no harmony, no disharmony There's nothing there is there It's all around The warmth, the coolness, the touch The absence, the memories, the newness Play within me and beyond me With you and without you With you and without you I've wandered far afield and still cannot find... Like a bird who's flown too close to the sun You will know me when I burn away
Being Mist 08:17
Being rock, mist and mind Being dust of life in deep space Travelling the vein of a leaf I have found you again my friend for no other reason than to be heard once more A leaf, feather, tiny hair on a blade Magical ordinary grass My brother's rage, the tweet of a bird The word that opens heart and mind or the slamming of a door Calls out its name and yours with no sound Listen carefully The gift you left behind not meant for me, I found You say leave it behind but I want to be here Later this summer when the grass is high The grass in the fields has grown high enough that I can disappear Buttercups tower above the bug like a cluster of the yellowest suns with Queen Anne's Lace beyond in the beyond Halo on the go would if you are a halo on the go... I've never been where I am now and now that place is gone A transport of pigs moves and it smell it leaves behind fills my lungs and speaks your name and mine
Lovelovelove 03:56
A Dream That I Am (free) 03:31
Every day when I wake up and I walk down the street I put a song in my pocket for each one that I meet And I know it's all over when I feel it's just begun Wandering down by the river beside the setting sun Oh It's just a dream that I am a dream that I see and a dream to be here at all Now I walk like a demon and I sing like a swan each sad incantation towards that setting sun And I feel it all over and I know it deep within What ever comes of this new day I'll breathe it out and in Oh It's just a dream that I am and a dream that I see and a dream to be here at all


Hints of African high life, British folk, free-improvisation, Brazilian spirituals and blue eyed soul gracefully come together in Doug Tielli's second release, Keresley. The record is a wide spray of textures, dynamics and styles and feels unified by Doug’s fluid voice and musicianship. Voice, guitar, percussion and brass don't just outline a melody, they resonate as one with grace and simplicity. Doug Tielli uses his songs to translate the natural and the un-natural world around him.

These translations have become the sonic environment of Keresley.
Named after the village-come-suburb, Keresley, on the outskirts of Coventry, England, where after a short U.K. tour, Doug took up temporary residence after missing a flight back to his home in Toronto. He spent the next two months walking a dog, drawing, dreaming, and recording this album. The sounds and songs of Keresley are as natural and unlaboured as the world Doug Tielli describes:

“The magic of Keresley is not on the surface. Those fields under all kinds of skies are always wondrous. The grass got long, and filled with wildflowers, and red-purple grasses, the sky rolled with low, heavy clouds, and occasionally sun, flitted with birds. Fathers and sons, old Scotsmen ... everyone with a dog ... would share a few words and stories with me from time to time.

When the grass was tall enough - in June or so, I lay down, fully hidden to any who passed by ... though I did worry that I would be spotted somehow, and thought unusual - which I am and am not at the same time, you know what I mean.”

The music on Keresley is like all of this and that - both unusual and familiar. It sounds like many different worlds, but is really just one world seen through different kaleidoscopes of perception. The songs also seem to come from a deep internal communication – dreams, the unconscious, the network of creativity – a sense of wonder in how things have come to be. Of a couple of the songs on Keresley, Doug writes:

"... sometimes songs come out and I just let them be. I have no fixed memory of where some songs come from ... sometimes I am not too sure what the words mean either ... I like that ambiguity - when I have no fixed idea of what something means, I can interact with it freshly, from the same place as someone hearing it for the first time, or even just as sound..."

“The words came to me first thing in the morning after a night of sleeping and singing the tune all night long - a stream of consciousness tale - the coming to be of a man-earth being, and his dissolution and reconsumation by the elements, by the forest. A jumble of the cosmic cycle.”

Kerelsey is an album of communication both inward and outward, born of a love of the earth and those who walk upon it. Somehow through going on walks in a suburb, of a mid-sized city in two of the rainiest months in recent history in England, we are transported through history and geography, from Africa, to America, to the 50's, to folk music immemorial, to the free jazz of the 60's, abstract prickly sounds, and warm grooviness, and unknown South American Spiritual hymns.
Doug Tielli has made a very a human record, one that speaks of a love of the landscape and those who walk upon it.


released September 30, 2013

All songs and instruments - DT
except drums on Water Falls, Oak, A Dream That I Am, by Euan Rodger
and bass on Water Falls by Joe Carvell
and bass line on Water Falls invented by Mike Overton

Basic tracks for Water Falls, Oak, Big Man Of The Underbrush, With You and Without You, A Dream That I Am, recorded by Angus Wallace at Far Heath
Drums recorded by Ian Whitehead at Taylor John's House
The rest recorded by DT at 23 Farm Close 
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering
Artwork by DT
Layout by Francis O'Donnell Smith

Much thanks to Richard Guy, Mason Le Long, Neil Shaw, Euan Rodger, Andy Whitehead, Ian Whitehead, Angus Wallace, Coventry Arts Centre (Zoe), Robin Jax, Ted, Joe Carvell, Thom Gill, Sandro Perri, Brandon Valdivia, Scott Peterson, Mike Overton.


all rights reserved



Doug Tielli Toronto, Ontario

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